Group Chat gone Social.

Simple, fun and creative way to chat with your friends and like-minded people.

Reinventing the way you chat and talk with people

When people gather, there is always an agenda to talk about something interesting, be it personal, work related, latest news, entertainment, etc. Imagine doing the same online in an organized manner. People and friends come together on Minits everyday to talk on different subjects and spend quality time. That's why we call every group on Minits a 'Meet'!

Message Tags

Use Tags when chatting within your Meet in order to make a point and to filter messages based on the tags.

Chat Moderation

As the Meet owner, you can remove users or even delete their messages with a single click.

Incognito Chatting

Sly/shy - Make yourselves anonymous on Meets.

Audience Language

Choose any language to target people who have selected a similar language.

Live Duration

Choose the number of days for which your Meet will be live.

Invite only Rooms

Collaborate, share and discuss by inviting a specific set of people in a Meet.


Check how this app looks like, it’s modern and cool